Plane crash today Pakistan 2020 sad news for Pakistanis

Plane crash today Pakistan A tragic news plane crash today Pakistan, our brave eagle pilot WC Noman Akram OC 9 Sqn embraced Shahdat in Islamabad just...[Read More]

PSL points table 2020 Inspiring event

PSL points table (also known as PSL 5 or for sponsorship reasons HBL PSL 5 2020), an event launched by PCB, currently Multan Sultan is leading the poi...[Read More]

Khalil ur rehman qamar vs marvi sarmad 2020- hot news

khalil ur rehman qamar vs marvi sarmad The two media celebrities, one writer and director and other one is journalist yelling each other in a live ta...[Read More]

New blue area project islamabad 2020 impressive biggest commercial project

New blue area project Islamabad will open the venture of jobs, foreign investment in Pakistan, as PM Pakistan Imran Khan has announced a new commercia...[Read More]

Ali zafar mela loot liya PSL 2020 famous song

A new song Ali zafar was working hard to make it super dooper, the new song after launched have won million of hearts, as his song video became the ho...[Read More]

Amazing australian journalist sings dil dil pakistan nicely PSL 2020

PSL not only becoming the source to brought cricket back to pakistan as more and more international players has reached Pakistan to participate in the...[Read More]

Ali zafar psl song 2020 surprise fans

Ali zafar psl song 2020 the latest one is on the way to run, as he has sung all the last played PSL matches since the PSL has been launched, Ali Zafar...[Read More]

PSL 2020 first match – Islamabad vs Quetta Gladiators

PSL 2020 first match PSL 2020 first match has been played yesterday between Islamabad United & Quetta Gladiators, there is a nice opening ceremon...[Read More]

PSL 5 days left

PSL 5 days left PSL is ready to launch after 5 days, the count down has begun for the most awaited event, players are ready and warm-up themselves fo...[Read More]

novel coronavirus – russian found it as bioweapon 2020 hot news

Novel coronavirus Novel coronavirus is another fast spreading virus like SARS, which causes so far 1000 deaths around the world, the virus which star...[Read More]

Ishaq dar house shelter home – 2020 top news

Ishaq dar house shelter home LHC has given an immediate stay order to hold the Punjab government act of converting the ishaq dar house in to shelter ...[Read More]

Fast and furious 9 trailer pakistan 2020 best movie

Fast and furious 9 trailer Pakistan Watch Trailer - Courtesy Geo TV Finally the wait is over for the Fast and Furious 9 trailer pakistan launched ...[Read More]

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