Crisis of sugar and wheat 2020 biggest news

Crisis of sugar and wheat the two much-awaited reviews on the current sugar and wheat crises within the country had been made public on Saturday, expo...[Read More]

Wow!!! increase in social media usage 2020 big news

Increase in social media usage has grown as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, as greater users go online to stay connected with family, friends and col...[Read More]

Ali zafar psl song 2020 surprise fans

Ali zafar psl song 2020 the latest one is on the way to run, as he has sung all the last played PSL matches since the PSL has been launched, Ali Zafar...[Read More]

PSL 5 days left

PSL 5 days left PSL is ready to launch after 5 days, the count down has begun for the most awaited event, players are ready and warm-up themselves fo...[Read More]

novel coronavirus – russian found it as bioweapon 2020 hot news

Novel coronavirus Novel coronavirus is another fast spreading virus like SARS, which causes so far 1000 deaths around the world, the virus which star...[Read More]

Shortage of beds in china due to coronavirus 2020 breaking news

Shortage of beds in China for the patients of coronavirus and the death toll reaches 560 and increasing, a big list for the infected people which is n...[Read More]

Emraan Hashmi proposed Meera 2020 Hot news

Emraan Hashmi proposed Meera

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