New blue area project islamabad 2020 impressive biggest commercial project

New blue area project Islamabad will open the venture of jobs, foreign investment in Pakistan, as PM Pakistan Imran Khan has announced a new commercia...[Read More]

Amazing australian journalist sings dil dil pakistan nicely PSL 2020

PSL not only becoming the source to brought cricket back to pakistan as more and more international players has reached Pakistan to participate in the...[Read More]

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan High alert 2020

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan, first case has been identified in Multan where one chinese and one paksitani national found ill due to this virus, thou...[Read More]

Great news PSL 5 title song – Hooray PSL 2020

Great news PSL 5 title song - Hooray PSL 2020

TikTok in Pakistan (Top-10)

Pakistan in Top 10 list of TikTok

Ukraine Plane crash – Iran admits mistake

Iran admits unintentional plane crash

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